Simcinnati Realty

Is it free to use this site?

Yes, it is free.  I really enjoy making the house and I know some people want houses but don't like to build them.  So make us both happy and use my houses in your game. The featured items are even free.


How do I download the files?

For the Sims 2 houses save the file to your Download folders and then unzip.  Although I try to use as little custom content as possible there is some, so it may be helpful to have the Clean Installer from MTS.

For the Sims 3 houses simply, click on the file package name, ex. springfield.pkg, that is highlighted in blue.  Save the file the same place you would any package file and then if you have the install helper monkey from mod the sims( you can just right click and then choose the install to Sims 3 option.  If you don't have the install helper you will have to manual unzip the file into the ElectronicArts/Sims3/Mod folder. 


What are the sizes of the houses?

I classify the categories by the size of the house not the lot.  The house sizes are based on the square footage if the house was a real home.

Mini-Houses are under 1,000

Small Houses are 1,001 to 2000

Medium Houses are 2001 to 3000

Large Houses are 3001 and over

This doesn't apply to the Retro Collection.


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